Pod Necklace

.75"W x 4"L x .5"H

Copper, Brass, African Blackwood, Cocobolo


The Pod Necklace is made up of various "pods" which can be mixed and matched on a chain to create variation. Pods are made up of hollow copper components and wood components, with a solid brass top. Pods can be worn individually as a pendant.

Retro Necklace

3"W x 3"L x 3"H

Copper, Brass, African Blackwood, Enamel


The Retro Necklace started out as a solid chunk of brass which was turned on the lathe into a

1 1/8" bowl and drilled to accomodate the 48 brass rods that extend from its surface. The 12 trays that are attached to there rods are made up of 3 different shapes. Enameled copper panels are inset into the brass trays. A solid african blackwood form is attached to the brass bowl at the center of the necklace to complete a sphere. 

Cubodron Necklace

1.25"W x 1.25"L Pendant, 30" Chain

Copper, Brass, Ebony, Bubinga


The Cubodron Necklace is composed of an ebony cuboctahedron pendant, with a copper top, that is attached to a custom chain made of bubinga and brass. The links of the chain get smaller as they diverge from the pendant, and connect to each other with a durable cord and brass crimps. The 14 facets on the dark ebony pendant are difficult to distinguish visually, which in-turn enhances the necklace's tactile quality.

Reliquary Cuff

Copper, Brass, Zebrawood, Amboyna Burl


The Reliquary Cuff is made with zebrawood veneer bent over a form. A copper tray with a lid is inset into the cuff body, and a threaded nut with a zebrawood cap locks the lid in place. The cuff has textued copper panels, and copper caps at its ends; an amboyna burl frame surrounds the tray. The cuff is made to hold the ashes of a lost loved one.

Arch Ring

1.5"W x .5"H

Brass, Bocote


The Arch Ring has a solid brass body that was turned on the lathe. The arch the extends from the ring body is actually a small tray, and has inset wood (bocote). The ring is shown here with and without a patina. 


Hoop Earrings

The Hoop Earrings have thin copper trays that are filled with inset wood (bocote). The 1 3/4" diameter copper hoops are darkened, and fitted with silver posts. 

1.75"W x .5"H

Copper, Bocote, Silver


The Triangle Earrings have thin btass trays that are filled with inset wood (macassar ebony). The trays are 2-sided, and hang from a large loop that gives them mobility while being worn.  

1.5"W x .125"H

Brass, Macassar Ebony


Triangle Earrings