Fobes Rocker

21"W x 39"L x 39"H

Hard Maple


The Fobes Rocker is constructed using a technique known as brick laying to create a rocking chair that is one singular form. The chair creates a balance between the solid presence of the hardwood construction and the sleek, light profile that brick-laying makes possible. I wanted to challenge myself by designing a rocking chair that was one continuous solid form, while maintaining a strong focus on functionality and comfort. The brick layered chair was built in layers; a single layer contains no structural glue surfaces, and is weak. Once two or more layers are laminated together, it becomes incredibly strong; in contrast to funiture with traditional joinery, there is no weak point in the form. The furniture I am making with this technique is driven by process, the forms becoming more and more sculptural. The Fobes Rocker acheives this without compromising funtion and is, first and foremost, a functional object.