14"W x 14"L x 18"H

Hard Maple


Droplet is a 3-legged stool made of solid hard maple. The large body of the stool was turned on the lathe and machined, using a handheld router and a jig, to create the mortise for the legs. The legs were roughed-out on the bandsaw and shaped by hand after being attached to the stool body in their "rough" stage. Using 3 legs makes the piece very dynamic, and it changes depending on your viewing angle; you can look at the piece and see perfect symmetry, and then move your viewing angle slightly and the symmetry seems lost. In the photo with only 2 legs visible, the third leg hasn't been cropped out, it is actually hidden behind one of the 2 visible legs. This dynamic quality is evident as you're walking around the piece, interacting with it and changing its visual balance; the photos capture the effect of viewing the piece from different angles and seeing it change.